Entries 2018

Boat Name Skipper’s Name: Sail Number Design/Class Fleet Classification
420 Shane 53099 420 Dinghy
420 Jean 5309 420 Dinghy
420 Lance 53006 420 Dinghy
420 Morne 54051 420 Dinghy
420 Alex 53001 420 Dinghy
420 Joshia 52998 420 Dinghy
Aitsa Daniel Eigelaar 6756 505 Dinghy
Extra 868 Arran Graham X 868 Extra Dinghy
Ian’s Extra Ian MacRobert X 886 Extra Dinghy
Rob’s Extra Rob Foreman X 880 Extra Dinghy
Wet n Wild Thomas Ochabski 14394 Fireball Dinghy
Laser Yusuf Sampson 160096 Laser Full Rig Dinghy
Laser Giselle Deuchar 144183 Laser Radial Dinghy
Laser John Raynor Laser Standard Dinghy
Verve Philip Eltringham 574 Sonnet with asym Dinghy
Korsar Willem Grobler SA2552 Gampion 9.7 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Bleu Paul Tomes H263 Hunter 19 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Charisma Hartmut von Lemm H784 Hunter 19 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Ddu Adam Paisley H275 Hunter 19 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Sea-Nile Brent Barnett 2012 Hunter 19 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Taffy Emily von Lemm 409 Hunter 19 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Witblitz Michael Clark 2007 Hunter 19 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Zig Zag Hans Piet 745 Hunter 19 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Stoli Marc Silberbaurer 123 Hunter 20 Keelboat Inshore PHRF
Ray of Light Michael Kavanagh 84 Beneteau First 44.7 Medium distance ORC
Faraway Chris Sutton SA1665 Farr 40 Medium distance ORC
Rocket Craig Middleton SA 4248 Rocket 55 Medium distance ORC
Skebanga Paul Dalton 3617 Fast 42 Medium distance PHRF
Moonraker Rael Kassel SA L24 Medium distance PHRF
Windrush Peter Adriaens 100 L34 Medium distance PHRF
Water Music Andrew MacKenzie SA10 Muira Medium distance PHRF
CuAl6(PO4)(OH)8.4H2O Lance Burger 31003 Cape 31 ORC Offshore
Nemesis Philip Baum 31006 Cape 31 ORC Offshore
Scud Luke Scott | Greg Davis 31007 Cape 31 ORC Offshore
Ski Rodney Tanner 31002 Cape 31 ORC Offshore
Raymarine Regardless W Brooks/R Turner SA4585 Farr 40 mod ORC Offshore
Rockstar JJ Fourie SA 858 Farr38 ORC Offshore
Radio Holland Gryphon Theo Yon SA 4444 Fast 40 ORC Offshore
TinTin Di Hutton-Squire SA 4564 JPK1010 ORC Offshore
Coordination Sibu 74 L26 ORC Offshore
Escape Renaldo 43 L26 ORC Offshore
JML3 Lorenzo Yon 60 L26 ORC Offshore
Tiletoria Heidi Burger 34 L26 ORC Offshore
Hot Ice Peter Roeloffze SA 1726 Mount Gay 30 ORC Offshore
Cape Dancer sailing for Street Scapes O Scuppart/S Moodley RSA4482 Pacer380 ORC Offshore
Pallucci Graeme Benson SA1245 Simonis 35 ORC Offshore
Silver Girl Melvin Rautenbach SA 4332 Stadt 34 ORC Offshore
Libre Ken Newton SA 979 Endurance 37 PHRF Offshore


Note that dinghy entries are still coming in so dinghy entry list not final