Entries 2018

Please note that entries are still coming in and so this list is far from final!

Early entries for keelboats close on 8 April, but entries are open until Friday 12 April

Dinghies can enter right up until the end of registration on Saturday 13 April 2019

This is the entry list is as at 8 April 2019

Boat Name Sail Number Class Entered: Skipper’s Name: Skipper’s Club:
2 wild girls 5300 Dinghy Class Elisa Falcon ZVYC
Aitsa 6756 Dinghy Class Daniel Eigelaar SBYC
Baby driver 53006 Dinghy Class Lance Curtis ZVSC
Box x902 Dinghy Class Arran Graham IYC
Dinghy 577 Dinghy Class Kevin Foreman IYC
Exo 885 Dinghy Class Owen Middleton SBYC
I can Jibe 53001 Dinghy Class Ross MacKinnon ZVYC
Laser 160096 Dinghy Class Yusuf Sampson ZVYC
Laser 160109 Dinghy Class Cameron Clark IYC
Laser Radial 55802 Dinghy Class Paul McDonald Imperial Yacht Club
n/a TBC Dinghy Class James Matchette Imperial Yacht Club
n/a 144183 Dinghy Class Giselle Deuchar IYC
Na 886 Dinghy Class Ian MacRobert Vyc
Purple Haze 53002 Dinghy Class Sara Falcon ZVYC
Redx 880 Dinghy Class Rob Foreman Imperial yacht club
Verve 574 Dinghy Class Philip Eltringham ZVYC
Xabisa X 897 Dinghy Class Craig Raubenheimer IYC
Corum SA 969 Medium Distance Sailing Craig Middleton R. C. Y. C.
Megafreight SA 1340 Medium Distance Sailing Jendo Ocenasek HBYC / RCYC
Moonraker SA 3274 Medium Distance Sailing Max Ozinsky HBYC
Platboom SA 562 Medium Distance Sailing Pierre Horn Houtbay
Sir Henry RSA 3914 Medium Distance Sailing Mark Obree FBYC
Sunny Brise SA1928C Medium Distance Sailing Willem Grobler HBYC
Water Music SA4408 Medium Distance Sailing Andrew Mackenzie FBYC
Windrush 100 Medium Distance Sailing Peter Adriaens HBYC
Argonaut SA1366 ORC Nats Wolf Gruber and Charles McDonald RCYC
Blue Tango 2 SA7168 ORC Nats Evert Groenewald FBYC
CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O 31003 ORC Nats Lance Burger ZVYC
Hollard Jacana GBR5733R ORC Nats Patrick Holloway RCYC
Hot Ice SA1726 ORC Nats Peter Roeloffze HBYC
Lapwing 010 ORC Nats Alan Keen ZVYC
Nemesis RSA 006 ORC Nats Philip Baum RCYC
Raymarine Regardless SA4585 ORC Nats William Brooks and Rian Turner RCYC / HBYC
Rocket SA4248 ORC Nats H Karolius RCYC
scarlet sun SA 1500 ORC Nats Ian Lomberg rcyc
Scud SA 31007 ORC Nats Luke Scott and Greg Davis RCYC
SKI 002 ORC Nats Rodney Tanner GBYC
Tenacity SA4242 ORC Nats Anthony Cassar and Errol Stern Royal Cape Yacht Club
Triton SA 3184 ORC Nats Sean Carrick RCYC
Bleu 268 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Paul Tomes HBYC
Charisma H784 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Hartmut von Lemm Hout Bay Yacht Club
Country Morning 405 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Paul Moxley HBYC
Ddu 275 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Adam Paisley Hbyc
Hirondelle 256 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Richard Evans Hbyc
Lemon 183 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Lance Curtis ZVSC
Sea-Nile 2012 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Brent Barnett H.B.Y.C.
Stoli 727 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Marc Silberbauer Hbyc
Taffy 403 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Mornay Harding ZVSC
Vuma 775 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore theo yon hbyc
Witblitz 2007 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Michael Clark HBYC
yacht 783 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore ricky chaplin hout bay
Zig Zag 745 Small keelboat PHRF in-shore Hans Piet HBYC